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V8 is the best drink ever!

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3/7/09 04:45 pm - persian__girl - V8 Sale

So, at the grocery store I work at we had a sale on V8. 5 - 950ml V8s for 10 dollars, PLUS 20 bonus air miles. (I am also addicted to air miles sales.) It was the sweetest sale of my life, I can go through one of those bottles a day I tell you!

Thats all. :)

Oh ya PS - they had crappy motts vegetable cocktail beside it, three for five air miles, PUH-LEASE!

2/16/06 07:36 pm - oh_oh_sheila - first post!

V8 is the best. My favorite kind is Hot and Spicy, and then Lemon Twist comes after that. I like the smoothies too, but I like the plain vegetable juice better.
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